Online Guide to Aquatic Invasive Species in Northeastern North America

Northeastern North America's waters are being invaded. Not by a foreign army or terrorists; this is an invasion by non-native aquatic plants and animals transplanted from around the world. These organisms, introduced both intentionally and accidentally, are causing dramatic changes to the region's native ecosystems. Aquatic invasive species threaten our native plants and animals, reduce biodiversity, harm important ecosystems and degrade water quality, and cause significant economic losses.

The best defense against invasive species is spread prevention: stemming the tide of new introductions to specific waterbodies and our region as a whole. The next best defense is early detection: in many cases, new invasions detected before they become well established can be effectively controlled or even eradicated.

The NEANS Online Guide provides information about invasive species that threaten northeastern North America and allows you and your organization to create customized field guides. Browse the site and learn about a wide variety of marine and freshwater invasive species and how to identify them. Then head to the water with your customized field guide and help stem the tide of invasive species by participating in spread prevention and early detection efforts to detect and prevent new invasions.

The NEANS mission is to protect the marine and freshwater resources of the Northeast from invasive aquatic nuisance species through commitment and cohesive coordinated action.

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