Science and Technology Committee

The Science and Technology Committee advances the research, development, and implementation of scientific methods and new technologies for aquatic nuisance species (ANS) prevention and control. As such, the committee fosters research initiatives that further understanding of the biology, ecology, and potential impacts of ANS; address vectors by which these invaders are dispersed in marine and freshwater ecosystems; and promote control, eradication, baseline monitoring, and prevention of ANS. The development of a uniform regional database is one of the committee’s initial tasks. The database will document the extent and characteristics of invasions and aid in developing an early detection system for ANS invasions.


The Science and technology committee’s current focus is the development of resources to assist Northeastern States and Province in developing Early Detection and Rapid Response Plans. Current projects include:

  • The development of a web page linking to distributional data for invasive species in the region,
  • Development of a web site linking to identification resources for regionally important aquatic invaders,
  • Sponsoring a regional workshop on marine invasive species monitoring, and
  • Compiling case studies on the impacts of Hydrilla verticillata and posting information on available control methods and technologies.

See the 2005-2006 Workplan for more details on current activities. The “Existing Resources” section below provides an overview of past accomplishments related to early detection and rapid response.

The NEANS mission is to protect the marine and freshwater resources of the Northeast from invasive aquatic nuisance species through commitment and cohesive coordinated action.

Protecting the marine and freshwater resources of the Northeast from invasive aquatic nuisance species