Species Information

Tench Tench
J.E. Marsden
J.E. Marsden
Tinca tinca

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Similar Species


  • Carp

  • First introduced to Seattle and Spokane County, Washington prior to 1900

  • Range from 8-25 inches long (20-64 cm)
  • Resembles carp but has smaller scales
  • Flat stocky body covered with numerous deeply embedded scales which are smaller than pupil of eye
  • Covered in thick coating of mucus
  • Single pair of barbels at mouth, instead of two like the common carp
  • Fins are dark and rounded
  • Olive colored with red eyes

  • Bottom feeder that lives in slow-moving waters rich in organic matter

Known Distribution in the Northeast
  • Richelieu and St. Lawrence Rivers; VT - Lake Champlain; NY - Lake Champlain, Great Chazy River, Long Island; CT - Housatonic Drainage; MA - Connecticut River at Silvio Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge.

  • For the most part, unknown.  The diet consists mainly of aquatic insect larvae and molluscs (Scott and Crossman 1973).  Moyle (1976a) considered it a potential competitor for food with sport fishes and native cyprinids.  Known to stir up bottom sediments, possibly affecting water quality.




Tench on boat deck
Mark Malchoff, Lake Champlain Sea Grant & LCRI
Tracy Giroux

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