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Round goby with sculpin Round goby with sculpin
J. E. Marsden
Round goby with sculpin
J. E. Marsden
Round goby
Apollonia melanostomus (neogobius melanostomus)

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Similar Species

Native sculpins

  • Young: solid slate gray. Older: blotched with black and brown; greenish dorsal fin with a black spot
  • Very distinctive, raised eyes
  • 4-9 inches long (10-23 cm)
  • Similar to native sculpins but can be distinguished by the fused pelvic fins (sculpins have two separate fins)

  • A bottom dweller found in rivers and near the shore of lakes, preferring rocky habitats with many places to hide

Known Distribution in the Northeast
  • New York, Quebec, and Great Lakes region
  • Native to Eurasia

  • Native fish species have declined in areas where the round goby has become abundant

Round goby (Neogobius melanostomus)
Eric Engbretson, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Round goby with sculpin

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