Getting Help

Using the NEANS Panel Invasive Species Online Guide is easy! Click the Use the Guide menu item on the left side of the screen to get started.

Find Species

The Online Guide lists invasive species in the system, with descriptions, habitat, impacts, common vectors and photographs available.

Select a species from the list, or use the parameters to the right to filter by habitat, plant or animal, and/or common vector. The list of invasive species will shrink, or grow, based on the parameters you select.

When you’re ready to get data, click the Search for Species button at the bottom of the page.

Making Your Guide

The Make Your Guide page shows you what information you can include in your guide. Read the descriptions for available data, organized by History, Characteristics, Habitat, Distribution (in the Northeast), Impacts, and Common Vectors & and make your selections.

For each species found you’ll be presented with thumbnails of available photography and images. To zoom any image move your mouse cursor over the thumbnail and click. To include a specific photograph in your guide click the checkbox beneath it.

When you’re ready to make the guide, click the Create Your Guide button at the bottom of the page.

Your guide with the species, information, and photography you’ve chosen to include will be created. If you entered your email address (this is optional), you’ll receive an email to the completed guide. Check your Inbox for a message from

If you’d like to download a version of your guide for Adobe Acrobat Reader, click the Make PDF of Guide button at the top of the page. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader from

Tell Us What You Think

If you have feedback or questions, please use the Contact Us menu item on the left for contact information.

Thank you!

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