About The Site

The NEANS Panel Online Guide web site helps you create a customized field guide to aquatic invasive species of interest to you and your organization. You can use your field guide when surveying or monitoring invasive species, or for educational and outreach programs. You can choose the species you’d like to include in your field guide (freshwater or marine, plants or animals, or any combination) and select images from our repository of downloadable photos and drawings. You can also choose which categories of information to include in your field guide, such as identification characteristics, habitats, impacts, common vectors, etc.

All of the content on this site has been reviewed by our team of invasive species experts. Information is updated regularly. You can see when the information for a particular species was last updated by going to the “Select Species” page (click here to go to the “Select Species” page.). We welcome your feedback! If you have questions or comments, please contact us.

The images are provided courtesy of the their owners. Any other use is prohibited without the permission of the owners. Please contact the owners directly to obtain permission. Those images that do not have credits cannot be used for any other purpose.

Important note: The Online Guide web site currently contains information for many important marine and freshwater invasive species of interest to the northeast. However, many additional invasive species threaten our region, and the NEANS Panel is working to add as many species as possible to the web site. Please check back to find information about additional aquatic invasive species.

Protecting the marine and freshwater resources of the Northeast from invasive aquatic nuisance species